Soil Aeration: the best thing for your lawn

Soil aeration is the mechanical removal of small cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. It is the most important thing you can do to create a healthy, dense and robust lawn.

SoilAeration  aeration-before-after

As all living things need air, water and food to be in good health, thus your lawn needs aeration. Aeration creates air spaces in the soil, which allow air, nutrients and water to get down to the roots and reduce soil compaction.

Aeration combined with overseeding makes your lawn vital, robust and dense.

Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

  • Improved water infiltration and nutrient absorbtion
  • Increase in the level of oxygen in the soil
  • Better decomposition of organic matter, and felt, a better activity of micro-organisms in the soil
  • Better root development
  • Reduce Insect & Disease Incidence
  • Reduce Soil Compaction
  • Reduce Summer Drought Damage
  • Reduce the Incidence of Weeds
  • More Efficient Irrigation

After aeration, it is the best time to add fertilizer or topdresser compost or add grass seeds.
It it recommended to aerate in the spring and in the fall.

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